An alternative is to pay a monthly subscription for a specific number of pages to print on your home printer. You can print whatever you want (text, images, or photos) up to the agreed monthly page limit. HP will automatically ship ink cartridges (shipping costs are included in your subscription) when you need to refill them. You only pay a monthly ink fee unless you exceed your page quota.


However, you still need to buy printer paper. You need an HP Instant Ink compatible printer to start using the Instant Ink service. You can register directly on the HP website or purchase a membership card from retailers such as Register the online registration card code to start the Instant Ink service.

This Portal Offers Various Benefits

Automatic delivery: you will receive Ink or when the printer is low, not necessarily once a month

Planning flexibility: print more or less? Browsing unused pages and extra pages cost pennies. If you want to change plans any time, you can do so at any time.


Compatible cartridges: HP Instant Ink printers work with Original HP 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 902, 910, 952, 962 and Original HP 134 inks.

$5 Prepaid Code: Your prepaid code will be emailed to you and added to your Instant Ink account once you sign up. Your cartridges will be delivered to your home within fourteen days of creating your account. Spend less Ink and never fail.

  • Print high-quality black and white photos and documents for the same price per page
  • Instant Ink counts the number of pages printed, not the Ink used.
  • You can get new ink cartridges with the subscription service before the old ones run out.
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF INK AND SAVE UP TO 50% ON ORIGINAL HP INK with HP’s affordable, hassle-free ink subscription service.

This is particularly interesting as the price is per page and not per Ink used. That means printing a color photo costs as much as a few sets. Sure, it can have its downsides (more on that below), but as long as you’re careful with your design and printing habits, you’ll appreciate it.