Prices & Plans

HP Instant Ink Login is a new monthly subscription service that jumps on the bandwagon of subscription services (like Netflix, Amazon Subscribe & Save, etc.) and reinvents the way customers buy ink cartridges. After years of high cartridge prices, HP can finally offer competitively priced inks with this program. However, some customers remain concerned after years of high cartridge prices.


Here Is The Pricing Of Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink enables you to pay for your prints with a subscription. Whether you can save money by paying for printer ink and whether HP printers are better than their competitors is discussed. This subscription-based service allows HP printer buyers to replace ink cartridges when the printer is running low on power.

Some HP printers offer a free trial of HP Instant Ink for up to three months, after which you must purchase a subscription. The options are:

  • £0.99 per month for 15 pages
  • £1.99 per month for 50 pages
  • £3.49 per month for 100 pages
  • £9.99 per month for 300 pages
  • £22.49 per month for 700 pages per page

If you print more than ten pages, you will be charged £1, or you can upgrade your subscription. If the pages are not used, you will be charged three times the value of the pages paid monthly. For example, if the plan allows for 50 pages per month, you cannot accumulate more than 150 pages per month.

The printer notifies HP over the network connection when an ink cartridge is low on ink, and HP automatically sends a new cartridge to the printer. Pages you don’t use are not lost in this process.

If you stack a 50-page plan now and then, you can stack up to 100 pages, and so on. You can probably save money by buying cartridges when you need them, as long as you use up all your pages.