HP Instant Ink printers send print volume information, ink volume information, and other printer data to HP. Use this information to top up your account and know when to send more ink to your printer. Connect HP Instant Ink cartridges directly to the printer to track 4-page usage and ink levels. Cartridges only communicate with the printer when connected to the Internet.


The HP Instant Ink program has been around for some time, but the service has never received much attention, and its existence has recently made headlines among some of the company’s customers. In some instances, customers have reported signing up for a monthly service that they must purchase indefinitely if they intend to continue using an Instant Ink printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my HP printer without Instant Ink?

Yes, you can use an HP printer without Instant Ink. Just make sure you’ve canceled your HP Instant Ink subscription and are using non-instant ink cartridges. You can use your ink cartridges until they are dry or buy a new set of HP ink cartridges to save time.

Is HP Instant Ink compatible with my printer?

There are only a few new HP printers that can take advantage of the HP Instant Ink program. If you have an HP printer of older version, it does not support the HP Instant Ink service.

What happens to my unused pages?

If you do not use all pages in your plan at once, unused pages will remain in your account as rollover pages. Ink levels can be stacked 3x the number of pages in your project (150 pages if you have the 50-page plan), and toner levels can be stacked with 2x the number of pages (100 pages if you have the 50-page plan). Fifty pages) for the stack-page program). Fifty pages). Page-level). level). In the 50-page plan). Page-level).